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For stomach: indigestion, stomach ulcer,
Improving liver function: People suffering from fatty liver, chronic fatigue, and hangover
Intestine: If the belly is cold, diarrhea, severe constipation,
Removal of blood: blood circulation, cold and cold feet, gynecological diseases, coldness, menstrual disorders,
Anti-Cancer Removal: Those in postpartum caring,
People who are recovering after cancer surgery


정박사 참옻 분말캡슐

위: 십년묵은 체중, 소화 불량, 위궤양, 
간기능개선: 지방간, 만성피로, 숙취로 고생 하시는 분
장: 아랫배가 차고 설사, 변비가 심하신 분,
어혈제거: 혈액순환, 손발이 차고 저린분, 부인병, 냉증, 생리불순,
항암제거: 산후조리에 있는분,
암수술 후 회복중에 계신 분



Dr Jung's Lacquer Capsule

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